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Weight Loss Program

Body Slimming  

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Phototherapy has been used safely to treat various medical conditions. The US Space Agency NASA has shown scientifically that Light Emitting Diodes have a positive impact on health. The red frequency light of our Multi-Wave Phototherapy System promotes lipolysis (the release of fat from fat cells in the body) with similar effects to lipolysis-promoting lasers. Our system also emits infrared frequencies that increase blood perfusion to the fat cells thus enhancing the breakdown and elimination of fatty acids from the fat cells. The released fatty acid is metabolized safely by the body to be used as energy and its products secreted out of the body. Phototherapy is safe, painless and noninvasive. Taking recommended supplements and following body slimming lifestyle guidelines will improve results. Standard protocol: 25-30 minute session three times weekly for three weeks.

We also offer a physician monitored weight loss program. A portion of this program is covered by OHIP for those who are overweight or have metabolic disorders.

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Body Slimming Weight Loss Program

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