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Tattoo Removal

Get Rid of That Ink on Your Skin

Tattoos Removal

Get Rid of That Ink on Your Skin

Although getting a tattoo removed might seem like a daunting task, a safe and effective method exists to help you get rid of that ink on your skin – Laser Tattoo Removal.

How does it work?

The laser light passes through the skin and targets the ink in the tattoo.  The laser causes the ink to break into tiny particles that your body’s immune system will carry away and eliminate naturally over time.  Dark color pigments, such as black and dark green, are easiest to remove, however, other colors can also be removed successfully. In general, the lighter the color, the harder it is to remove.

Candidates for Laser Tattoo Removal

Most tattoos can be removed using a laser.  This is especially true for candidates who have attempted to have the tattoo removed by other methods and have scarring in the area. The best candidate is a fair-skinned person with a dark colored tattoo.  People with darker skin are also candidates for laser tattoo removal although the removal process may take longer as darker skin needs greater protection from the laser light.

What to expect during your Tattoo Removal Treatment?

During your tattoo removal treatment, your service provider will cleanse the area with your unwanted tattoo and take pre-treatment photos to track your progress. Then your provider will cool the area with ice prior to your treatment. The laser passes over the tattoo and makes a “snapping” sound.  Tattoo removal has been described as a warm stinging sensation.  A cool spray of air is used during the treatment to ease any discomfort you may experience.  Following your treatment, your provider will apply an antibacterial ointment and gauze dressing and aftercare instructions will be reviewed.

What to expect after your Tattoo Removal Treatment?

It is very important to follow your aftercare instructions in order to recover quickly and improve your results.  The treated area may feel sunburned and itchy as it heals.  It can look scabbed, raised, and puffy for 2-3 weeks after your treatment.  Once it has healed, the tattoo will gradually fade and you will be ready for the next treatment.

Number of Sessions

Most people need 6 to 8 sessions to completely remove their tattoo. The number of treatments needed depends on the size of the tattoo, the colors used, and your skin type.  Large tattoos can take 10 sessions or more. In order for the skin to heal, sessions are spaced 6-8 weeks apart.  The time between treatments will depend on your skin color and the speed at which your skin heals.  Tattoos further away from the heart, such as those on the lower legs or ankles, usually take longer to heal due to reduced circulation in the extremities. Tattoo removal can be a long, slow process.  The average tattoo will take at least 8 months to remove.

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