Neck & Hand Rejuvenation

Restoring the Youth and Beauty

Our hands are the first place to show visible signs of age. Due to the constant exposure to the sun, age spots, sun spots, freckles, and even growth signs of precancer shart to show. With age, fatty tissue is lost in the hands, making them appear thin and bony. 

The delicate area around the neck and chest, the decolletage, often is the next place showing the typical tell tale signs of ageing. Over the years the decolletage is constantly exposed to damaging UVA/UVB rays, leading to mottled pigmentation, loss of collagen and elastin and a general 'aged' appearance.

Dr. Poon's non surgical and age management methods, neck & hand rejuvenation treatments, can now help improve the texture, tone and general appearance of this delicate and troublesome area restoring the youth and beauty of your neck and hands.
Treatments that help plump skin, fade pigmentation marks and generally hydrate can make a huge difference to the way our neck and hands look and feel.

Treatments like, skin peels,  intense pulsed light,  mesotherapy are a few among others.

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