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Face / Nose Sculpting

Non Surgical Enhancement or Reduction

Face / Nose Sculpting

Non Surgical Facial Enhancement or Reduction 

Facial contouring (also known as facial sculpting) is the reshaping of facial contours through the removal of fatty deposits under the skin. 

Whereas,  Non-Surgical Nasal Sculpting is to improve, 

  • A Slightly Crooked Nose

  • Small Nose that Needs Building Up

  • A Mild to Moderate Bump on the Bridge of the Nose

  • A Mild to Moderate Drooping of the Nasal Tip

  • A Nose that Needs Refinement

  • A Nose with Dips and Hollows

  • A Nose that Needs a Better Contoured Tip

  • A Nose that Needs more Height

Not sure what you need to do? 

Make an appointment with Dr. Poon today to discuss what you actually need.

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