Rectifying Signs of Aging 


Rectifying Signs of Aging 

Dermal fillers  treat wrinkles on the face. They’re primarily used to treat smile lines, though the fillers can also be used to plump up the lips or cheeks. Sometimes, they’re used for hand treatments or to reduce the appearance of scars. Dermal fillers aren’t approved for plumping up other areas of the body, though, such as the breasts.

Dermal fillers come in different forms, and like Botox, they’re injectable. Some are temporary and used primarily for soft tissues in the face along the smile lines. The U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationTrusted  has approved the following options:

  • calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse), a temporary gel solution that lasts for 18 months

  • collagen, a temporary material that lasts for up to four months

  • hyaluronic acid, a temporary material that loses its effect after 6 to 12 months

  • poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra, Sculptra Aesthetic), a man-made material that lasts about two years

  • polymethylmethacrylate beads, the only permanent type of dermal filler available

How Effective Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are  considered effective, and the results last longer than results from Botox overall. Still, results differ depending on the exact type of filler you choose. Like Botox, you’ll need maintenance treatments once the fillers wear off.

(Source:  Healthline)

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