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Transplant (FUE)

Full and Natural-looking Results

Hair Transplan (FUE)

The NeoGraft Method - Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE )  Hair Transplantation

Experts have thoroughly researched to provide a more convenient hair regeneration method. The NeoGraft method is known to be the best way to perform FUE. It results in a less invasive procedure as compared to traditional FUE and is a faster yet more effective method of hair regeneration for you. It can obtain as much as twice the grafts that the normal FUE can under the same period of time. Now, FUE is preferred to be done by the NeoGraft method because of its efficiency.  The NeoGraft machine is the best on market for the FUE procedure.

The NeoGraft method of FUE is completely safe and has been approved by the FDA. Moreover, the NeoGraft method of FUE results in hair growth that is natural. Most of our patients remark that most people will never even know that they had a hair transplant once their hair starts growing.

Dr Poon is one of the first hair restoration physicians to use the FDA approved NeoGraft FUE method and has been able to deliver excellent results for his Toronto and Mississauga hair transplant patients.

Going bald is no longer a permanent sentence. You can still look younger with the right hair regeneration method for you.

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